A Call to Intentional Living

Proverbs 4:26 NKJV

26 “Ponder the path of your feet, And let all your ways be established.”

In this Proverb, the author urges us to "ponder the path" of our feet and to "let all your ways be established". This short passage struck me as a call to intentional living.

Many times we find ourselves on auto-pilot. We find ourselves merely going through the motions of life. 

But what if we paused to reflect on our current state? An intentional pause, to identify areas for improvement, or areas in our life that yet need to be "established", is often the first step in the journey towards fulfillment. We find a way to disrupt the monotony of our everyday life - and, in that disruption, we find a new rhythm that doesn't lull us to sleep. But rather, this new rhythm shakes and reverberates the very framework of our being, to reveal a newfound power and purpose. 

After pausing to begin an INTENTIONAL THOUGHT, the author of this verse turns to how we can then INTENTIONALLY ACT. "Let all your ways be established" is a call to action. We are called to build an intentional mode of living that without a doubt would lead one to stability. In real life, examples of "unestablished" ways might translate to a half-undertaken fitness goal, half-commitment to daily happiness, or half-demonstrated selflessness in interactions with people.

In summary, we are called to intentionally think and act. We can demonstrate intentional thought and action, by pausing to ponder our current state lives, and then making a commitment to establish (or improve) the ways in which we live. 

Hope this Word was an encouragement to you and God Bless!

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