5 Ways to Improve Your Mental Health

Mental health is important. It is the difference between living and being alive.

It's the difference between drifting through the grayness of the motions, and vibrantly accelerating via life's avenues. 

In short - Mental health is a key component of one's overall health. 

But how can something so known and true to humanity, be so difficult to attain? Many factors go into play when considering the emergence, growth, and decay of mental health, but our focus here today is on improvement. How can people improve their mental health?

Through time and struggle, many have come to know how specific variables may improve their own mental health, but here are 5 methods we believe can generally improve mental health for ALL

1. Exercise Regularly 

Exercise can reduce stress and provide mental clarity. Exercise also contributes to physical health which can boost your energy, confidence, and overall well-being.

See our blog 7 Ways to Overcome Anxiety to learn more about how exercising can reduce anxiety. - 7 Ways to Overcome Anxiety – SimplyHealthyHome (shopsimplyhealthyhome.com)

2. Practice Daily Gratitude 

Being grateful for what you do have decreases the worry and anxiety about what you don't have.

3. Incorporate a Healthy Diet

In addition to exercising, one must also concern themselves with what goes into their body - namely, their diet. A healthy diet works hand-in-hand with physical exercise to boost your energy, confidence, and overall well-being.

4. Keep Good Company 

The people around you hold more influence over your thoughts and perceptions than you realize. Negative energy is a thing. Make a conscience effort to retain the people in your life that inspire, motivate, and encourage you. Keep in mind, motivation doesn't always come via confirmation. It can also come from a source of constructive criticism. Ensure you have people around you that want what's best for you - want it enough to tell you the truth, even when you might not like it.

Just as important as retaining good company is removing bad company. It might be hard to come to terms with the fact that someone you care about might not have your best interest at heart. But, trust me, the sooner you walk away, the sooner you can start heading in the right direction. The energy you save from having to fix destructive relationships, can be spent on building and growing the relationships that are essential to your overall health. 

5. Set Goals 

Goals might seem like a vague concept. And the problem is exactly that - for many goals are vague. I would argue that the clearness of your goals is an indicator of the clearness of your future. The goals you set, or don't set, tie into your motivations, thoughts, and actions. And it is through these actions that you arrive at certain destinations. 

Where do you want your actions to take you? That's where your goals come into play. We believe goal setting is such an important aspect of shaping and refining your future that we've designed a unique guide to help you with your own personal goal setting. We also have a 1:1 coaching session available to help walk you through the goal-setting guide and tailor those learnings to your own personal experiences. 

See here more details on our Goal Setting Guide and 1:1 Coaching. - SHH Guides – SimplyHealthyHome (shopsimplyhealthyhome.com)

One commonality we find among all of these goals is purposeful action. It requires commitment to mental health to act in such a way that one can make small strides toward achieving a much larger goal.

Mental health is not easy to obtain, but it is obtainable. It is easier said than done, but as one who has battled against my own personal demons, I would encourage you to not let the need for action diminish your optimism. Rather, let this encourage you - for as much as it is actionable, it is achievable. The more that mental health is dependent on the actions you must take, the more mental health becomes within your power to achieve. 

That being said, we know Rome wasn't built in a day. Anything great takes time to establish, and your mental health is indeed great.

We hope this shed light into how you continue your journey toward holistic mental. Drop a comment below with your feedback on this blog, or with other topics you would like to read about!


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