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Wisdom, Calling - 30 Days of Actionable Insights from the Book of Proverbs


Wisdom, a virtue possessed and created by God. It is the thread that ties together the mind of God with the purpose of man. Wisdom enables us to plan and prepare. It enables us to make sense of our existence and experience life on a deeper level.

Without wisdom, we are faced with scattered thoughts and fleeting emotions. Without wisdom, we traverse the dark road of life without a light to inform our steps. 

We need wisdom. We need it bad. 

Solomon, who is famously known as the wisest man that ever lived, authored the Book of Proverbs that contains 31 Chapters filled with wisdom inspired by God. 

In my own pursuit of wisdom, I've read and studied the Chapters of Proverbs and have seen first-hand the positive outcomes that can take place from the implementation of their truths.

But I didn't want to stop there. I wrote Wisdom, Calling, which is an e-book that includes 30 days of devotionals from the Book of Proverbs. Each devotional translates the wisdom of Solomon into tangible, and actionable, insights you can start incorporating into your daily life. 


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