Julia - Certified Mental Health Coach

1:1 Coaching

You don't have to do it alone.

Hi, I'm Julia.

This is why I'm here...

As a certified mental health coach, I'll be the first to admit that my story, and who I am today, are a long shot from perfection.

I'm not here to offer a magic pill or overnight solution.

I'm not even here to offer medical advice or treatment.

I'm here to offer my support and expertise for the purpose of helping you overcome the same life altering, and health harming struggles, I've experienced.

Growing up, I always felt alone. I felt the need and desire to belong, without actually feeling like I did. As I ventured into my teenage years, I found myself trying to fill this void with relationships...unhealthy ones at that. And after several years of going from one harmful relationship to the next, I found myself in a relationship where I was physically abused, emotionally broken, and spiritually depraved.

But that was just the beginning.

Relationships were the way I self-medicated my anxiety and depression, but after overcoming my emotional dependencies on men, I then found myself turning to alcohol. For years, I struggled. Not as one who was addicted, but as one who would spend their Friday and Saturday nights wallowing in wine, because the self-pity and numbness were the only ways, I could find comfort.

And then came the next big disaster...my diagnosis.

In 2021, after months of sickness, which culminated in a night at the ER that was so horrifying and painful, I was sure I would die, I was diagnosed with an immune condition known as hyperthyroidism.

For months, I battled crippling fatigue, low self-confidence from hair loss, and psychological distress from having to now take a daily medication to just live.

I wish I could say that was it...

...but even after overcoming this physical ailment and modifying my lifestyle habits to include more exercise, less junk food, and NO alcohol, I found myself left with these familiar foes...

Anxiety, depression, and loneliness.

There have been those close calls, the ones where I really thought I couldn't take it anymore. There have been nights where I was so broken, all I could do was lay in the dark, with my face flat on the ground, crying in desperation for God to see and hear me.

And that's why I'm here...

Because God did see me, He did hear me, and He saved me.

I'm now confident in all areas of my health - mental, physical, and spiritual - not because I'm perfect in any or all of these areas, but because I know how to overcome the obstacles and proactively avert them. And in my joy of having seen the presence and love of God, my vision has now shifted from surviving to thriving, and helping others overcome their obstacles.

My story is not a testimony of how I overcame, but rather how God overcame for me so that I could help others, like yourself, experience victory in and through Him as well.

Details about 1:1 Coaching

This is how I can help

Below are the details of what you can expect going in and coming out of my 1:1 coaching sessions...

What's Included:

  • Session Duration - 60 minutes
  • Emergency Support (24/7)
  • Flexibility - Sessions available online, in-person, and over the phone
  • Sessions Include - 1) Judgement free support 2) Progression metrics and tracking 3) Confidentiality 4) Access to a network of Mental Health Professionals 5) Referral Follow-Ups
  • I offer 2 sessions for free. Payment not needed until the 3rd session.
  • $30 Per Session (1st payment will need to be received prior to starting the 3rd session).
  • What's Not Included - 1) Medical Diagnosis 2) Medical Treatment
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